10 Best Finance Affiliate Programs in India for 2023

India is a developing nation, and with the nation, its economy, its people, and their spending are also

developing. People in India have started to earn more, save more, and spend more. An increasing number

of people have started looking towards credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and other financial intermediaries and

instruments to put their lives in order. Affiliate marketers can take advantage of this ever-developing finance enthusiasm

by promoting different financial instruments available in the market. Let us talk about the best finance best affilate program

affiliate programs in India that can help you create a trustworthy income source in no time.

Why should you promote Finance Products?

  1. High-Profit Potential: Affiliate marketers can benefit from the high commission rates and residual income
  2. potential of promoting financial products. Financial products typically offer higher commission rates than other products, providing affiliate marketers with a higher potential return on investment.
  3. Long-Term Relationship Building: Financial products often require a long-term commitment from
  4. customers, which means that affiliate marketers can benefit from repeat customers and long-term
  5. relationships with customers. This allows affiliate marketers to build a loyal following and increase their profits.
  6. Variety of Products: Financial products come in various forms, from insurance to investments and banking products. This provides affiliate marketers with various options, allowing them to tailor their product selection to their own needs and those of their customers.
  7. Visibility and Awareness: Financial products are often highly visible, which can help to drive traffic to an affiliate’s website or blog. Additionally, financial products are well-known and trusted, which can further increase the visibility of an affiliate’s website or blog.
  8. Variety of Promotion Options: Affiliate marketers have various options for promoting financial
  9. products, from direct mail campaigns to online marketing and social media. This allows affiliate marketers to tailor their promotional efforts to their strengths and customers’ needs.

List of Top 10 Finance Affiliate Programs in India for 2023

1. Axis Bank

Axis Bank is one of the biggest names in the Indian financial industry. The privately owned banking

giant has released several lucrative credit cards with accelerated reward points, exclusive cashback,

surcharge waivers, instant discounts on movie tickets, and discounts at partner restaurants, among many

other unique benefits. Affiliate Marketers can earn up to ₹3,500 commission for every successful credit card disbursal.

Axis Bank Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to ₹3500
Old UserUp to ₹3500

IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Bank is a private sector bank formed by the amalgamation of two of the most famous financial

institutions – IDFC Bank and Capital First. The IDFC First Bank Credit Card comes with exclusive vouchers for

card issuance, rewards on spending at a store and online purchases. Affiliate Marketers can easily promote IDFC First Bank

Credit Cards and earn up to ₹1,500 commission on successful approval of every credit card.

IDFC First Bank Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to ₹1500
Old UserUp to ₹1500

3. SBI

The State Bank of India, or SBI, is India’s largest public-sector banking institution. The household bank has several schemes, including debit cards and credit cards for different kinds of customers. The SBI Credit Cards come with a plethora of advantages which include welcome gift vouchers, rewards on online spending with exclusive partners like Amazon, Apollo24X7, and BookMyShow, annual fee waivers, vouchers on online spending, and fuel surcharge waivers. Affiliate marketers can promote these lucrative credit cards with their network and earn a flat ₹2,000 commission on every successful credit card disbursal.

SBI Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to ₹2000
Old UserUp to ₹2000

4. Paytm Money

Paytm Money is the brokerage arm of Paytm and helps consumers open Demat accounts, trade accounts, invest in mutual funds, and much more. Customers can easily start their investment journey with zero paperwork, digital KYC, and avail automated payments. The Paytm Money affiliate program provides marketers with a flat ₹300 commission on the first trade above ₹1,000 that their referral makes on the app.

Paytm Money Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to ₹300
Old User₹0

5. Money View

Money View is a financial services and products company to reach every single person who has a financial need in India. The platform with 40M+ app downloads uses AI to streamline the loan-taking process and documentation and has already disbursed loans worth ₹9,000 Crore in 5,000+ locations. Money View Affiliate Program provides a flat 1.5% commission for every successful loan approval on the platform. The loan amount typically ranges between ₹5,000 to ₹5,00,000.

Money View Affiliate Commission Rates

6. Jupiter Money

Jupiter Money is a mobile banking app that offers users a secure and easy way to manage their finances. It allows users to check balances, transfer money, pay bills and receive payments, and track spending. The app also features budgeting tools, financial insights, and rewards programs. Jupiter Money runs a successful affiliate program through which marketers can earn a flat ₹400 commission for the first transaction made from a Jupiter Money Debit Card (above ₹200, Android Users Only).

Jupiter Money Affiliate Commission Rates

Jupiter Money CardsCommission
Debit CardUp to ₹400 (On first card transaction above ₹200)

7. Zerodha

Zerodha is a leading stockbroker in India, offering a fast, reliable, and zero-commission trading platform to its customers. It offers a variety of features, such as real-time market data, advanced charting tools, automated trading bots, and margin trading. Affiliate marketers can recommend Zerodha to their network and earn a flat 10% commission on the brokerage that their referrals pay on the platform. Also, affiliate marketers get 300 reward points for every successful referral, which can be reimbursed differently on the platform.

Zerodha Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to 10%
Old UserUp to 10%

8. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv is Non-Banking Financial Institution under the umbrella of Bajaj Finance. The company offers a comprehensive insurance plan to prevent loss or damage due to wallet theft, card fraud, or loss. The Bajaj Finserv Affiliate Program provides benefits on its Card Protection Plan. The Card Protection Plan offers emergency Travel Assistance, SIM Card Blocking, IMEI Registration, Free PAN Card Replacement, Protection against pin-based phishing, tele phishing up to ₹2,00,000, Protection against card fraud, Mobile Wallet Protection up to ₹50,000, among many other things. Affiliate marketers can earn a flat ₹100 commission for every successful wallet account opening on the platform.

Bajaj Finserv Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to ₹100
Old UserUp to ₹100

9. Fi Money

Fi Money is a mobile app that allows users to track their finances, set goals, and save money. It offers budgeting, banking, and investing tools that help users stay on top of their financial lives. It also provides insights to help users make smarter decisions about their money. Fi Money offers investment options to its paid users, and an affiliate program has also been implemented. The Fi Money Affiliate Program allows affiliate marketers to earn a flat ₹300 commission on a minimum deposit of ₹225 for every new account on the platform.

Fi Money Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission (Account Opening and Minimum Deposit of ₹225)
New UserUp to ₹300
Old UserUp to ₹300

10. 12% Club

12% Club, a BharatPe venture, is a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows users to invest amounts ranging from ₹1,000 to ₹10,00,000. The platform is an NBFC registered under RBI and lends investors’ money to people in need. The platform generally offers loans at 18% interest and provides 12% annual returns to investors. The 12% Club affiliate program is a great way for marketers to earn money since they can earn a flat 10% commission on their referral’s earnings which get credited into their account as cashback credit.

12% Club Affiliate Commission Rates

User TypeCommission
New UserUp to 10%
Old UserUp to 10%


Financial affiliate programs can be a tricky thing to navigate. It involves bringing small and large investments from different kinds of people. Affiliate marketers need to recommend only the best and most trustworthy finance affiliate deals to their network so that both the customer and the marketer can benefit from a deal. Our top 10 finance affiliate program recommendations will ensure that your money and reputation always stay on the upside.

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